We offer a great range of opportunities in the sphere of container vanning of many kinds of vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, construction machinery, motorcycles and parts.  During many years of work we have accumulated rich experience on how to solve the most complicated vanning arrangement tasks. For example, we can arrange loading of 6 compact cars (such as Toyota VITZ, Nissan MARCH, Honda FIT or Mazda DEMIO) into one 40-feet container HIGH CUBE.

If there is enough space available in a container, we can purchase and load additional goods together with cars. Among the most popular goods there are used alloy wheels, used tires and spare parts.

In all occasions we do our best in order to help our customers save on transportation costs by trying to find an optimal vanning combination and using the container’s inner space with a maximum efficiency. If there are enough compact cars available for vanning, we always choose to arrange 5 cars shipment.

For example:

3 standard sedans (C-class, BMW 318i, VENTO) +

2 compact cars (VITZ, MARCH)

As an illustration, we would like to present the following vanning scheme, which shows the most popular vanning plans. Alternative container vanning plans can also be applied, so please, feel free to make inquiries to our managers for more information.


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